Owner Jeff Epstein offers his opinions on top Fall Wines…

How about a Red Wine from Austria...

There’s just something about the cooler weather (when it gets here!) that makes Jeff reach for red wines from Austria. He recommends this excellent Zweigelt from a great producer, with loads of cherries and cassis. An approachable, easy drinking, lighter red wine that is sure to please. Which red wine is your favorite?

Are White Wines Only for Warmer Weather...

You CAN still drink white wine in the cooler weather. Consider wines with more body like Gewurztraminer. Hugel, the centuries-old producer from Alsace, makes one of the region’s best. Gewurz has that unique combination of floral and almost sweet notes with a crisp finish. ENJOY!

Reach for this Bottle When the Weather Gets Cooler...

Fall in the Carolinas – and it’s 90 degrees! But, when the cooler weather DOES arrive, there are a number of great wines that perfectly complement the season.

Here's one: Reverdito, Langhe Nebbiolo.

Nebbiolo is the signature grape of the Piemonte region in Italy, producing world class wines like Barolo and Barbaresco. For less than half the price, enjoy this floral and earthy medium-bodied red that shows tremendous grace and balance.

And What About Wines with Truffles...

Fall means truffles. While reds from the Piemonte region are typically a no-brainer match, this white, also from the Piemonte, is an excellent alternative. Rich in texture with a good structure, don’t let the delicate aroma fool you. Pear and apricot flavors, relatively low in acid.

Let’s share a glass while we discuss your dream of a wine cellar!


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