Are there a lot of options?
There sure are. Do you have a lot of individual bottles? Will you be storing in bulk? Do you keep wine in its original crates? This is common for collectors. Upright? On the slant? Racking styles and colors. Different woods. Lighting. The door. And a million possible design features.

Doesn’t all of this create a lot of confusion?
It can. Which is why guiding people through a real process is so important. We’re gonna help you make these choices, not just stick a bunch of things in front of you and say, “let me know.”

Sounds like you definitely need to know what you’re doing.
Did I mention there are something like 45 different bottle sizes?

That’s ridiculous.
It probably is! But details like this – you’re just not going to unearth these things, you’re just not going to know the right questions to ask, even if you are a very good designer or contractor. You’ve got to be someone focused on wine, its presentation and storage, and how it’s enjoyed.

Do most people understand proper storage?
If you’re making the investment in exclusive and expensive wines, you better. The proper design and construction of a room for this purpose is critical to preserve quality and value over time. Properly stored, wines can age and evolve for decades.

Other than enthusiasm for wine, what do you bring to your company?
That’s a great question. I was in the office furniture business for 15 years. I’ve also spent a lot of time in real estate and construction.

I get the construction, but I’m having trouble understanding the office furniture thing. How would that relate to building a wine room?
People also buy office furniture for different reasons – sometimes you just need a place to sit and work, other times, you want to make a statement. The office furniture business taught me how people relate to their space, to their environment.

Last question – how on earth did you end up as the NC Secretary of Revenue?
Haha. Well, life takes us to some different places. But I will say this: when the governor asked me to take the position, I asked why he chose me. He said, “I need someone completely honest and trustworthy, who will approach such a position with complete integrity.” It was a nice compliment.

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