Creating Cellars

With countless options, creating a custom wine cellar can be an overwhelming experience. Our unique process gives you confidence as together we create a space that will thrill you, your family and your guests.

Our Unique Process:

01. The Conversation.

A very personalized and detailed discussion about the client, what they drink, the role wine plays in their life, any vision they have for how the space might look, and how they’ll use it. Our experience and wine expertise are critical to getting this right.

02. Identification of Space.

A walk through the home to find the right spot for the wine space, with aesthetic and construction considerations.

03. Discussion of Details.

All the design, construction and financial decisions that go into building a wine space.

04. Development of a Preliminary Design.

A design based on conversations to date, with a careful examination of décor and details.

05. Refinement of Design.

06. Placement of Order.

Putting the project in the production queue.

07. Verification of Measurements and Order Adjustment.

If the space required a construction up-fit.

08. Tracking of order and shipment.

09. Professional installation.

By the time they contact me, my clients have usually decided they want a wine space, and they’ve spent time researching what it entails. They know they’ll be spending a considerable sum on the project, and the complexity and confusion hurt their confidence in their ability to get it done. The people I’m typically dealing with have had a high level of success in other parts of their lives where they’ve had to make difficult and complicated decisions. I help them harness these skills by bringing clarity and simplicity to the entire endeavor. They usually have high standards, which I share.” From an interview with Jeff Epstein, President of Caveman Cellars, in Charlotte Home Design & Decor Magazine.

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